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Simplifying Rewards Through Mobile

Simplifying Rewards Through Mobile

Transform the way you reward and engage with your employees and customers.


Established in 2013, TuYu revolutionises reward systems through its mobile platform, enabling users to seamlessly receive and redeem rewards via their smartphones.

Keeping your staff happy, productive and loyal with instant recognition for achieving daily, weekly and monthly targets. An innovations approach for the distribution of prizes, instant rewards, meal vouchers. Use it to create loyalty amongst your staff and reward and incentivise behaviour, rewarding performance, or reward payouts. Recognition of outstanding employees. 

Companies effortlessly reward users instantly to their mobile phones, making the process quick and convenient. With partnerships with leading retailers, rewards can be redeemed at over 70,000 till lanes.

Unlocking the Power of TuYu: Your All-in-One Solution for Rewards and Incentives

Unlocking the Power of TuYu:
Your All-in-One Solution for Rewards and Incentives

Rewarding Staff: Elevate employee morale and performance with TuYu's seamless staff rewards system. Send rand-based rewards directly to their mobile phones, fostering a culture of appreciation and motivation.

Streamlining Meal Vouchers: Say goodbye to logistical headaches and hello to efficiency with TuYu's meal voucher solution. Easily issue and manage meal vouchers and coupons, gaining control over expenses while ensuring your employees are well taken care of.

Engaging Consumers: Drive customer loyalty and boost sales by issuing behaviour-related coupons and vouchers via SMS. With TuYu, you can tailor promotions to match consumer preferences, enhancing engagement and brand affinity.

Powering Promotions and Competitions: Supercharge your marketing efforts with TuYu's versatile wallet for promotions and competitions. Whether it's a limited-time offer or an exciting contest, TuYu enables you to reward participants instantly, driving excitement and participation.

Optimising Debt Collection: Turn debt collection into a rewarding experience with TuYu's innovative incentives. Reward customers based on milestones reached in the collections process, motivating timely payments and improving overall debt recovery rates.

Experience the TuYu Advantage: With TuYu, you're not just managing rewards – you're transforming engagement. Empower your staff, delight your customers, and drive business growth with our comprehensive suite of solutions. Join the TuYu revolution today and unlock the full potential of rewards and incentives.


Enterprise rewards
Enterprise Rewards

Streamline employee reward programs effortlessly, no matter the scale.

API integration

Seamlessly integrate TuYu into existing systems for automated rewards.

Self service portal
Self-Service Portal

Empower companies of any size to manage their own rewards programs efficiently.

TuYu mobile rewardsnd incentives


Accessible: Available on all smartphones via the App Stores, and works via USSD.

Instant Rewards: Less than a minute after sending your employees or customers their reward, they will receive confirmation of payment to their wallet.

Affordable: Low monthly platform and percentage fees.

Effortless: Our self-service portal allows you to load with ease. Alternatively, you can use our enterprise model where we load for you. Our API allows you to integrate into your existing systems.

TuYu Rewards Are Compatible With All Mobile Devices

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Our Retail Partners

Join TuYu's extensive network of retailers and enhance customer engagement through seamless reward redemption.

Retail Partners to redeem TuYu rewards
Retail Partners to redeem TuYu rewards
Rewarding customers with TuYu
Rewarding employees with TuYu

Download Our App

Download TuYu's user-friendly app for iOS and Android for effortless reward management on the go.

Download the TuYu App
Download the TuYu App
Download the TuYu App

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