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9 reasons why TuYu’s mobile money app is the best way to incentivise staff and consumers

The mobile money app market is growing in South African and the world. And it all makes sense. Why wouldn’t you want to just use your phone to pay for stuff? It’s convenient, easy, and you always carry your phone.

We’re all for mobile wallets for these and many other reasons, and in this blog post, we’re going to share why your next incentive program should be run using TuYu.

We’re going to discuss security of mobile wallets, how effective mobile cash is over traditional reward solutions like gift cards, why it’s often cheaper to use TuYu than to issue gift cards or other physical merchandise, and more.

Here are nine reasons why TuYu’s mobile money app is the best way to reward your staff and consumers.

1. Mobile money app rewards are issued immediately

Managing staff and consumer rewards is a delicate process. Any delay in the issuance of a reward once the reward criteria have been fulfilled, and the recipient loses interest in your program. Without their interest, you’re less likely to get the results you’re after.

The ability to issue awards immediately puts businesses in a more advantageous position.

That’s where we come in. TuYu helps businesses immediately reward employees and consumers, satisfying their need for immediate gratification, thereby reinforcing the value of the program and the participants’ behaviour. Program participants develop stronger interest in your program and set goals to receive more rewards.

2. Less clutter, more convenience

Do you remember the last time you misplaced a gift card? How about the last time you found a gift card and felt less than enthusiastic about going in-store to find out how much money was on it, if it hadn’t already expired?

Gift cards take up unnecessary space in wallets and purses.

Using TuYu’s mobile money wallet changes all of that. All cash rewards find a home in your ewallet. No extra cards are required, and you can manage your e-wallet using our Android or Apple OS apps or USSD for feature phone users. TuYu users can easily check their account balances, make purchases, and transfer funds to other TuYu users in seconds.

3. More secure

There are many ways in which rewards programs run the risk of failure when it comes to security.

Stolen gift vouchers, missing incentive prizes and undelivered gift cards are all realities associated with traditional means of rewarding staff and consumers.

Digital wallet technology addresses these challenges. First, the administrator issuing out rewards does so using an online portal, which means there’s never any physical reward to be handed out. This also limits the risk of rewards going missing when they are shipped to participants.

Secondly, all rewards paid out to a participant go directly to their mobile wallet. Mobile phones use pin codes and screen lock functionality to keep private information private.

If a TuYu user’s mobile phone is lost or stolen, they can contact our customer support team to immediately freeze their mobile money app account.

4. Cheaper to administer

Physical consumer and employee incentive solutions, such as gift cards or merchandise must be shipped to arrive at the participant. Often, businesses don’t account for these costs when planning their incentive programs.

As TuYu’s mobile money app allows you to deliver cash directly to a user’s mobile phone, shipping and insurance costs are not factors that businesses need consider. With less costs, more funds become available to be used for rewards.

5. Higher redemptions rates

Historically, gift cards and gift vouchers have low redemption rates, typically in the 25% – 32% region. With TuYu’s  mobile money app, on the other hand, we have seen a redemption rate of 91%. If you’re running an incentive program for either your staff or consumers, you want a high redemption rate, one that shows your program is successful.

6. More places to spend rewards

Gift cards and gift vouchers can be limiting. A best-case scenario is that you receive gift cards and gift vouchers that allow you to shop at any store in a shopping mall, but you’re still limited to only one shopping mall.

Variety is an important factor when it comes to using rewards. We’ve partnered with retailers across South Africa, and today TuYu mobile cash users can spend their rewards at over 70,000 till lanes across the country, including major retail outlets such as Pick n Pay, Shoprite or Checkers, filling-up at Total or Engen, and dining out at restaurants.

7. Eco-friendly

Plastic is a serious problem for South Africa and the world. Most resources estimate that plastic takes anything from 400 to 450 years to decompose when discarded, and gift cards are no different as they cannot be reused when redeemed.

By moving to a paperless and plastic-free reward system, your business will be doing its part to help reduce the amount of plastic that South Africa creates daily.

8. More insight into usage

Managing the distribution of gift cards and prizes is often done using Excel. However, it’s hard to tell whether cards are being used or prizes enjoyed and that’s no way to run an effective program.

At TuYu, we give businesses the opportunity to tell whether rewards have been redeemed. This way businesses can establish whether the reward program is working.

9. Simpler administration

Most businesses use Excel spreadsheets to track the issuance of gift cards and prizes. However, much of this work is manual and if mismanaged can lead to costly errors.

TuYu gives businesses three ways to issue and manager rewards:

  • an enterprise solution, where large companies list employee mobile numbers and the amounts to be rewarded and complete payments with ease.

  • an application interface, which can integrate with existing reward programs, HR programs, payroll software, and sales CRM software, allowing companies to create turnkey reward systems for employees.

  • a self-service portal, where companies run the rewards programs they want to and issue spot rewards and instant rewards to consumers or employees.


Building a successful employee or consumer incentive program requires the right rewards and an efficient way of distributing them. TuYu’s mobile cash rewards platform helps businesses instantly reward employees and consumers, meeting their need for instant gratification and reinforcing the value of the incentive program.

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